Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The wait is over for Java SE 7

It seems tensions between the Java community and Sun Microsystems have cooled slightly, with the release of the first Java Standard Edition (SE) update, for public download, after five years of development.

Industry analysts see the move as a positive one, which is a nice change considering the issues that have arisen since Oracle acquired Sun in 2009.

The release is seen by Oracle as an evolutionary update towards the larger Java 8 release in 2012.

“I'm pleased that the Java community has come together in favour of technical progress and that we have a clear path forward for Java SE 8," said Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java products senior vice president Hasan Rizvi.

Rizvi also was keen to stress Oracle’s commitment to the success of the Java platform, and that the Java SE 7 release will be supported ‘across the Oracle Fusion Middle product portfolio.’

Al Hilwa, programme director at IDC, said, “The Java community should be much more relaxed about Oracle's stewardship." The Java platform has suffered as a result, since 2009.

“Some of the decisions to reverse the Java over-reach and unrealistic schedules from the Sun days were hard to make, but I would say they are doing the right thing."

‘They’, being Oracle, must be happy with such a comment. The Java platform needs to successfully move on without past issues dragging behind – hopefully, now maybe it can, and the same goes for the Java community.

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