Monday, October 3, 2011

Cook to unveil iPhone 5 tomorrow

The iPhone 5 has already become rather infamous even before any unveiling.

The rumoured September introduction was squashed by the news of an iPhone5 prototype being lost – from stories of being sold on Craigslist to Apple dispatching its own investigators, and the local police assisting, the new iPhone was raising many questions.

The revised date to remember is, apparently, tomorrow (4th October) - when Tim Cook, Apple’s new chief executive, will unveil the iPhone 5 at a special media event. Significantly, this will be Cook’s first major product announcement since taking over from Steve Jobs.

And with the iPhone 5 being the most talked about smartphone launch of the summer, other high ranking Apple people can be expected – namely Phil Schiller and Eddie Cue, VP of worldwide product marketing and senior VP of internet software and services, respectively.

Even Samsung, unsuccessfully, tried to call for the smartphone prototypes to be admitted as evidence in the ongoing legal battle between itself and Apple.

Once the (rumoured slimmer case and smaller SIM design) iPhone 5 hits the streets, the designers may be able to relax a little.

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