Monday, September 26, 2011

The need for data centres grows worldwide

Nick Parfitt, Datacentre Dynamics Research director, has described the growth of Internet use as the ‘perfect storm’, following the release of their latest report.

A ‘storm’ in terms of demand from government, business and users socially – IT and internet use is growing rapidly and as such so is the need for more servers and storage – and thus datacentres.

The perception is without question that datacentres are the best way of ensuring the availability and reliability of IT services and the machines to deliver them," said Parfitt.

As the world becomes more IT dependent the UK has responded with a 25 per cent increase (compared to last year) in expenditure on datacentres.

The report lists the greatest spender as the US at £2.18bn ($3.5bn) – the UK following closely behind with outgoings of £2.1bn ($3.35bn). China comes in a close third.

The UK and US have invested primarily in existing datacentres, and upgraded them, resulting in a low number of new centres needed. In comparison, emerging markets, such as Turkey, Brazil and Columbia have seen datacentre expansion of up to 60 per cent.

The facts given by the report in response to such growth is self-explanatory. Internet users have more than doubled in five years to 2.11 billion, and 500 million smartphones today is nothing compared to 2 billion expected by 2015.

15 years ago there were 18, 000 websites – today there are 215 million. The storm has been building for a while now, and we are all part of it.

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