Friday, September 9, 2011

Apps created by the public for Department of Health

“Apps and maps” are what the Department of Health are calling for.

Health secretary, Andrew Lansley, wants medical professionals and software developers to get creative and “help patients make informed decisions about their care.”

With a range of NHS data already available to the public, software and web developers do have material to play with.

"We want to give people better access to information that will put them in control of their health and help make informed choices about their healthcare," said Lansley.

The Department of Health want to hear from all budding app developers (as well as seasoned creatives, of course), to help them, “bring to life new ideas and realise true innovation in healthcare.”

The Maps and Apps website lists the types of apps that the NHS would be interested in – for example; an app that allows people to search for health information on line; one that allows a patient to manage their health condition; another to rate and review local health services to an app that allows you to plan your own care.

However, the NHS is not a complete stranger to the app revolution.

"Our staff are already realising the benefits of medical apps and have developed a number of these which are proving popular with the medical community," said Dr Ian Abbs, medical director at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

One such example is where clinicians (in an emergency situation) “can now quickly and accurately double check complex drug dose calculations.”

A showcase event in the autumn will present the best apps chosen from the ideas put forward via the website – for more information, take a look

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