Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SAP releases Hana to improve customers' decision-making process

Hana is finally on general release. SAP’s High Performance Analytic software has been eagerly awaited since it was first revealed back in December.

The software is designed to improve users’ real-time decision-making capabilities – and was pushed to greater prominence during the London SAP World Tour in May.

"General availability is a major milestone for SAP Hana but this is just the beginning," said Vishal Sikka, SAP Chief technology officer, in a statement.

Hana will give businesses the advantage of in-memory computing to deliver faster data analytics – the appliance’s superior performance is due to the placement of data (to be processed) in RAM, instead of on disc.

“Hana brings a fundamental transformation to the way companies run their businesses and is at the heart of innovation across our entire product and technology portfolio." Said Sikka.

Some of SAP’s hardware partners are to host the Hana software – and as long as the BI application supports common query language, like SQL, it will be compatible.

The high-performance space is becoming a popular hang out – SAS recently announced, that they too are to launch an in-memory BI product.
One customer who provides IT services for taxi companies uses Hana to search through 360 million traffic records in seconds.

SAPs new platform’s capabilities, delivering faster data analytics by analysing huge amounts of data in real time, will get you where you want to be. Quickly.

Though we do need a pricing system to be released.

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