Thursday, May 19, 2011

Desktop virtualisation enhanced with Sun Ray Software 5.2

“Innovations in Sun Ray Software 5.2 make it even easier to install and update, while delivering an improved end user audio and video experience," said Wim Coekaerts, senior vice-president, Oracle.

Earlier this month, Oracle introduced the enhanced desktop virtualisation offerings, which allows customers to virtualise and manage software and hardware stack.

Sun Ray Software 5.2 features improved video, audio, smart card, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and network resiliency.

Oracle explained that as Sun Ray is a server-hosted desktop software, then the maintenance, upgrade, operational costs and security vulnerabilities – that are associated with traditional desktop environments – are practically eliminated.

“Today’s organisations are under more pressure than ever to maximise efficiencies, while minimising costs,” said Coekaerts.

Users can also access virtual Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris desktop environments with the Sun Ray Software. Enhancements include; simplified installation and deployment; richer multimedia experience; real-time audio; Oracle Solaris IPMP support for resiliency and load spreading, and Sun Ray Client OS enhancements.

“With Sun Ray Software, IT can centralise the management and maintenance of thousands of thin clients – reducing cost and complexity, while enhancing security,” added Coekaerts.

As part of Oracle’s complete desktop-to-datacentre virtualisation portfolio, Sun Ray Software 5.2 seems to hit all the right notes.

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