Friday, November 5, 2010

The benefits of ECM

Oracle Imaging & Process Management is the award winning imaging platform for Business Applications that Inatech has brought to its customers – all part of the Enterprise Content Management Initiative. Imaging processes are linked into the users workflow and thus Oracle I/PM automates the invoice and AP paper intensive process.

The many benefits of Oracle I/PM all serve to take pressure away from the user, whether in time or cost, and help work processes flow more easily.

One high transaction process to improve is Invoice entry and approval, which are automated to save time – processing costs are reduced by 60% and the reduction in handling time and costs is as high as 70%.

Paper becomes a thing of the past, which improves efficiency and prevents the problem of paperwork being lost – which leads on to processing the paperwork - instead of weeks; it can be cut down to days.

Oracle’s OCR technology does intelligent free-form recognition –basically, templates are not needed. I/PM works around your business systems by taking on board your local ERP processes (with key exception handling abilities) – workflow and approvals fit to the business.

E-Business Suite, as well as being seamlessly integrated, is also open to users outside the Suite/Peoplesoft environment. Also, an ROI can usually be demonstrated within a year and the physical storage space costs are cut, along with those connected to transport and handling.

The Imagining platform goes beyond the invoice – HR or Expenses could use it too. This is surely a platform to get on board.

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