Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inatech demonstrate how to manage Oracle software at eSAM event

Worries surrounding Software Asset Management proved to be an important topic among visitors at Inatech’s recent event in Brussels, with participants looking into ways of maximising their software investments. The interactive event contained a number of question and answer sessions, highlighting customer needs and established that the event was beneficial for delegates.

Inatech was able to offer attendees with tips throughout the day on how to communicate and negotiate with Oracle. We provided ways of approaching and managing software licenses during their life cycle, and more importantly, how to manage the Oracle license process. In depth we explained the initial purchase, including renewals, the inevitable changes, and a plan for the future, and termination.

Another hot topic discussed was how Oracle’s licence sales department is organised. What the different agreement types are, and what metrics are used. Having the right amount of licenses for the right prices at the right moment allow you to know how to negotiate and build a win-win strategy with Oracle.

This event provided the perfect platform for us to launch our product for enterprise Asset Management. We received a few nodds of interest from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, SABAM, B-Bridge and the AGC Group.

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